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The DragonID team always approaches engineering and design with minds open. Our core values inspire our engineering.

Core Values

As a company, DragonID, LLC is committed to improving patient health, the health care system, and the world of medicine as a whole.

We are a contemporary company with the ability to provide our employees excellent opportunities in an open work environment. By providing our team the resources they need to be independent thinkers in an interdependent ecosystem, we bring our best to every project we take on, while simultaneously growing and sharpening our talents.

Being supportive and encouraging our team to think beyond current paradigms allows us to be more compassionate and receptive to clinical needs. Whether a solution is obvious and difficult to attain, or just hiding in plain sight, the DragonID team always approaches engineering and design with minds open.

Better engineering reduces mistakes. Our core values inspire our engineering. We understand how vital good design is in the medical field, and always try all possible alternatives before settling on the best solution.

Better imaging decreases revision surgery. Improved surgical processes lead to greater efficiency in the operating theater, simplifies treatment and surgery, and leads to better outcomes. The overall health and wellness of patients is our top motivation, and is reflected in the rigor with which we design and test our innovations.

Better outcomes lower patient costs. Lower readmission rates are beneficial to both patients and care providers, both in terms of health and finances. And as the cost of care drops as a result of better treatment options, the best healthcare becomes more and more financially accessible.

Better design for better care at better costs. DragonID is committed to this maxim, and our award-winning work in healthcare innovation and design shows it.

Coming from all corners of the world, we have chosen Cleveland as our base of operations. Northeast Ohio provides citizens with excellent educational, clinical and entertainment options, affordable housing, as well as hosting an ever-growing community of smart, cutting-edge companies.



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